9 Food Bloggers Whose Lives We Secretly Want

We visit some food blogs because we want to eat healthier. Others, we read because we just think they’re clever. And then, there are the food bloggers we turn to repeatedly because we secretly wish we lived their lives.

Guys, there are food bloggers out there who are living the dream — and they’re sharing it all for us to see.

Whether it’s a mastery of slow living, a bountiful garden or just a really gorgeous kitchen that caught our eye, we’ve rounded up our favorite food blogs that actually make us green with envy. We’re not scared to admit it, because seriously, these guys have figured it out. See for yourself.

1. White On Rice Couple


Have you seen their garden? Not only do Todd and Diane dream up dishes like this Meyer Lemon Magic Custard Cake, they have the most beautiful dogs that romp around their ever-bountiful garden.

blog : whiteonricecouple.com/

2. Local Milk


Beth Kirby, the writer, poet, cook and photographer behind Local Milk, creates the most gorgeous recipes and shoots them in the most creative fashion, while living in the lovely mountains of Tennessee. And, she makes flower crowns, too. We are not joking, some people really do live like this.

blog : localmilkblog.com/

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Our Fav Fashion Bloggers!

1. the Creme De La Crop

Evita is 13. Yes, 13. Yes, we know that fashion bloggers tend to start quite young these days but Evita’s home on the world wide #world is different. Hers is a top Indonesian fashion blog because her style is eclectic, fun, and oh-so-adorable. Not only can you take style hints from her outfits, the photos on her blog are great, too.

2. Hot Chocolate & Mint

For a cheerful and colorful view on fashion, Diana is your #girl. Not only does she have a fun personality and equally fun style, she’s quite the entrepreneur, too! Diana owns an online shoe store.

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Calling all ice cream and matcha lovers!! There’s a new Japanese Dessert Cafe literally just opened last week in Pantai Indah Kapuk North Jakarta, Shirokuma.


In Japanese, Shiro means white while Kuma means bear, that’s why Shirokuma Cafe use a cute white bear as their mascot. Shirokuma Cafe specialized in Japanese Matcha dessert like Shiratama Parfaits (Soft Cream, Red Beans, Matcha Kanten Jelly, Mochi and Shiratama Balls), Mochi Waffles, Matcha Molten Lava Cakes, etc. They claim to use imported Japanese matcha green tea powder from Japan.

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Review : Skin Club Vanilla Latte Body Scrub

Nah, siapa sih yang nggak mau kulit mulus dan lembut bagaikan bantal? #eh. Rahasia untuk kulit mulus tentunya kulit yang bebas sel kulit mati, jadi terlihat lebih cerah dan lembut tentunya.
Beberapa hari yang lalu, aku dikirimi produk oleh olshop IG Skin Club (@skinclub_id), yaitu Vanilla Latte Body Scrub untuk aku coba. Thank you a bunch! 😀
Yang menarik dari body scrub ini, yaitu terbuat dari bahan alami dan bahan dasarnya dari gula dan kopi. Lucu ya XD
Seperti apa sih produk dan performanya?

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