This is why VOLUXE Hair will change your life forever

They say the bigger the hair the more secrets it holds but hey you know what I aint keeping any hair secrets from you ladies because I am more than happy to share my hairclip extension line VOLUXE hair. Unlike a bad relationship my hairclip extension line requires NO commitment meaning you can clip it on and off any time you want. I design each length, volume and hand picked the 7 different shades myself so your possibilities of fabulous hair is endless. I remember when I first started this the choices were only 2 shades now we have 7 shades to choose from!

You can purchase your VOLUXE through our IG page: 


Or at (available soon)

Wanna try the VOLUXE experiene LIVE? Visit our Pop Up booth at upcoming bazaars:

31-2nd November: WTF Market Grand Indonesia
6-9 November: SWAG Escape Grand Indonesia
30 November: SMASH Lab Empirica SCBD
5-7 December: PIKLuxurious volume only a clip away…


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