9 Food Bloggers Whose Lives We Secretly Want

We visit some food blogs because we want to eat healthier. Others, we read because we just think they’re clever. And then, there are the food bloggers we turn to repeatedly because we secretly wish we lived their lives.

Guys, there are food bloggers out there who are living the dream — and they’re sharing it all for us to see.

Whether it’s a mastery of slow living, a bountiful garden or just a really gorgeous kitchen that caught our eye, we’ve rounded up our favorite food blogs that actually make us green with envy. We’re not scared to admit it, because seriously, these guys have figured it out. See for yourself.

1. White On Rice Couple


Have you seen their garden? Not only do Todd and Diane dream up dishes like this Meyer Lemon Magic Custard Cake, they have the most beautiful dogs that romp around their ever-bountiful garden.

blog : whiteonricecouple.com/

2. Local Milk


Beth Kirby, the writer, poet, cook and photographer behind Local Milk, creates the most gorgeous recipes and shoots them in the most creative fashion, while living in the lovely mountains of Tennessee. And, she makes flower crowns, too. We are not joking, some people really do live like this.

blog : localmilkblog.com/

3. The First Mess


Laura lives in the picturesque region of Southern Ontario between a peach orchard and a vineyard. Need we say more?

blog : thefirstmess.com/

4. My Name Is Yeh


On paper, Molly Yeh’s life might not seem that great: She lives on a farm in North Dakota. But upon closer inspection, you quickly realize how lovely it really is. Molly bakes delicious things (see above); she plays the drums (she’s a Juilliard-trained musician); and she got to leave the hustle and bustle of Brooklyn when she meet the love of her life for a quieter existence in the country.

blog : mynameisyeh.com/

5. David Lebovitz


Not only did David Lebovitz work as the head pastry chef of Alice Waters’ famed Berkely restaurant, Chez Panisse, but he left it all to move to Paris and bake. Enough said.

blog : davidlebovitz.com/

6. 101 Cookbooks


101 Cookbooks
One look at Heidi Swanson’s beautiful white kitchen will make you green with envy. Plus, she makes healthy eating look so good.blog : 101cookbooks.com/
7. Not Without Salt
Not Without Salt
Ashley Rodriguez is not only an extremely talented pastry chef, but she has a few beautiful children and a husband who she still “dates.” “Dating My Husband” is a series that she shares on her food blog and it has even gotten her a cookbook deal. She really figured it out.blog : notwithoutsalt.com/
8. Manger
Mimi Thorisson gave up her life in Paris to move to the Medoc region of France with her husband and two beautiful children. She’s now living a slower life — one filled with good food that she shares with us. Anyone who willingly leaves Paris must be moving on to something truly amazing, right?blog : mimithorisson.com
9. The Sprouted Kitchen
Not only are the two people who man this blog in love with one another, but they make eating healthy look easy.
source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/09/11/food-bloggers-_n_5796948.html

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