Calling all ice cream and matcha lovers!! There’s a new Japanese Dessert Cafe literally just opened last week in Pantai Indah Kapuk North Jakarta, Shirokuma.


In Japanese, Shiro means white while Kuma means bear, that’s why Shirokuma Cafe use a cute white bear as their mascot. Shirokuma Cafe specialized in Japanese Matcha dessert like Shiratama Parfaits (Soft Cream, Red Beans, Matcha Kanten Jelly, Mochi and Shiratama Balls), Mochi Waffles, Matcha Molten Lava Cakes, etc. They claim to use imported Japanese matcha green tea powder from Japan.


Shirokuma is located in Pantai Indah Kapuk right beside Hanok Korean restaurant, across Warung Tekko or Lekko. The interior was simple yet lovely with wooden furniture with pastel color. On the first floor, smoking and non smoking area are separared and on the second floor there are private room.

To compliment the desserts, Shirokuma has savory menu such as Japadogs, Shakafries IDR 21k, and homemade Popcorn Chicken IDR 29k. For Shakafries and Popcorn chicken you can order additional seasoning such as Nori, Chili Salt, Shio Butter and BBQ Chicken with additional price IDR 2k. AnakJajan really love the presentation of the food, they use specially design paper with Japanese newspaper look a like pattern, it was super kawaii (cute).

Japadog aka Japanese Hot Dog basically is a hotdog with Japanese seasoning, for the bun you can have original bun or black bun made with bamboo charcoal. AnakJajan tried Terimayo Dog IDR 42k (+Black Bun IDR 3k) and Tonkatsu Dog IDR 45k, both bun was really soft with juicy sausage inside, the difference between both two was Terimayo uses teriyaki sauce while Tonkatsu uses tonkatsu sauce and they battered fried the sausage. AnakJajan love Terimayo Japadog more because the teriyaki seasoning was stonger and more addicting.

Terimayo Dog IDR 42k

Soft cream texture was different with ordinary ice cream you usually have, it was lighter and softer that’s why it melts faster. For the soft cream there are three options: original (milk), matcha and twist (milk + matcha). AnakJajan tried Matcha Animitsu IDR 29k consist of soft cream, mochi, shiratama balls, red bean, matcha jelly and brown sugar syrup, and Shiratama Parfait IDR 35k consist of soft cream layered with cornflakes, mochi, shiratama balls, chunky red bean and matcha jelly. The matcha softcream was good, in terms of matcha it was more like matcha milk for me, the red bean was also really nice and tender. Both dessert was served with Wagashi traditional Japanese confectionary such as mochi, sweetened red bean, jelly and also rice ball.
Shirokuma also served coffee hot or iced coffee, you can request your coffee to go with Bonsoy the famous and delicious soy milk from Australia.

Matcha Animitsu IDR 29k


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