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9 Food Bloggers Whose Lives We Secretly Want

We visit some food blogs because we want to eat healthier. Others, we read because we just think they’re clever. And then, there are the food bloggers we turn to repeatedly because we secretly wish we lived their lives.

Guys, there are food bloggers out there who are living the dream — and they’re sharing it all for us to see.

Whether it’s a mastery of slow living, a bountiful garden or just a really gorgeous kitchen that caught our eye, we’ve rounded up our favorite food blogs that actually make us green with envy. We’re not scared to admit it, because seriously, these guys have figured it out. See for yourself.

1. White On Rice Couple


Have you seen their garden? Not only do Todd and Diane dream up dishes like this Meyer Lemon Magic Custard Cake, they have the most beautiful dogs that romp around their ever-bountiful garden.

blog : whiteonricecouple.com/

2. Local Milk


Beth Kirby, the writer, poet, cook and photographer behind Local Milk, creates the most gorgeous recipes and shoots them in the most creative fashion, while living in the lovely mountains of Tennessee. And, she makes flower crowns, too. We are not joking, some people really do live like this.

blog : localmilkblog.com/

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Calling all ice cream and matcha lovers!! There’s a new Japanese Dessert Cafe literally just opened last week in Pantai Indah Kapuk North Jakarta, Shirokuma.


In Japanese, Shiro means white while Kuma means bear, that’s why Shirokuma Cafe use a cute white bear as their mascot. Shirokuma Cafe specialized in Japanese Matcha dessert like Shiratama Parfaits (Soft Cream, Red Beans, Matcha Kanten Jelly, Mochi and Shiratama Balls), Mochi Waffles, Matcha Molten Lava Cakes, etc. They claim to use imported Japanese matcha green tea powder from Japan.

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Review : Skin Club Vanilla Latte Body Scrub

Nah, siapa sih yang nggak mau kulit mulus dan lembut bagaikan bantal? #eh. Rahasia untuk kulit mulus tentunya kulit yang bebas sel kulit mati, jadi terlihat lebih cerah dan lembut tentunya.
Beberapa hari yang lalu, aku dikirimi produk oleh olshop IG Skin Club (@skinclub_id), yaitu Vanilla Latte Body Scrub untuk aku coba. Thank you a bunch! 😀
Yang menarik dari body scrub ini, yaitu terbuat dari bahan alami dan bahan dasarnya dari gula dan kopi. Lucu ya XD
Seperti apa sih produk dan performanya?

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Big Hero 6


Parents need to know that Big Hero 6 is an action-packed animated adaptation of the same-titled superhero comic that’s likely to attract younger kids as well as tweens/teens who are already fans of the Marvel universe. The movie is an unconventional origin story that focuses on the power of brotherhood, friendship, and using your gifts to help others. One of the film’s main themes is about coping with grief, as the main character’s beloved older brother (his only immediate family) tragically dies early in the film; Hiro’s sadness may be hard for sensitive kids. Another near death is very upsetting, and there are sometimes-intense confrontations between the movie’s scary supervillain and the protagonists that injure but don’t kill people. On the other hand, the central robot, Baymax, was designed to heal not hurt, and his moral code influences other characters in positive ways. With its refreshingly diverse cast and uplifting message, Big Hero 6 is a captivating adventure story for the entire family.

In case you haven’t watched it, here’s the official trailer


This is why VOLUXE Hair will change your life forever

They say the bigger the hair the more secrets it holds but hey you know what I aint keeping any hair secrets from you ladies because I am more than happy to share my hairclip extension line VOLUXE hair. Unlike a bad relationship my hairclip extension line requires NO commitment meaning you can clip it on and off any time you want. I design each length, volume and hand picked the 7 different shades myself so your possibilities of fabulous hair is endless. I remember when I first started this the choices were only 2 shades now we have 7 shades to choose from!

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Review: Shinju No Mizu (Beauty Pearl Water)

Kali ini aku ada review baru nih, dan kali ini produknya cukup unik, yaitu Shinju No Mizu atau disebut Beauty Pearl Water.
Beberapa minggu yang lalu, aku dikirimi produk ini oleh Adel, yaitu owner + produsen dari Pearl Water. Dan aku penasaran, apa sih Pearl Water ini? Akhirnya aku coba dan ini dia reviewnya untuk kalian semua ^^
Yah intinya air ini adalah air murni yang sudah diolah kejernihannya dengan metode reverse osmosis, lalu lewat proses ionisasi dengan mesin laveluk enagic teknologi Jepang. Hasilnya air jadi mengandung oksigen dan asam dengan kadar kebutuhan kulit kita, yaitu dengan pH 5.5-6.
Pemakaian rutin air ini bisa membuat kulit kita bersih, kencang, dan cerah tanpa make up karena kulit sudah ternutrisi kebutuhannya. bisa juga menghilangkan jerawat dan noda-noda membandel.

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